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Kilim is a flat weave rug of intricate design, originated in the Anatolia area of Turkey. Situated between the Black and Mediterranean seas, Anatolia is often thought of as one of the great crossroads between ancient civilizations. Today, many of the shapes and symbols found in Kilims can still be traced to these ancient times.

Carpet weaving is one of the most ancient crafts in Turkey, and for centuries, women have played a pivotal role in their creation.




We travel across Turkey to curate the most beautiful handwoven rugs & runners. We aim to empower the local artisans to continue their valuable artisanship, which is passed down from generation to generation. All our kilims and runners are unique pieces, handwoven by skillful artisans of Anatolia. 


We source what our mothers create by hand with great love and care. We buy traditional, handmade crochet laces from housewives across Turkey to help them earn an independent income. We repurpose these crochets to create beautiful and unique cushions and pillows.  These velvet & cotton cushions are the signature design of our home decor line. 


We relentlessly source the highest quality, sustainable rugs of Anatolia to bring style and comfort to your home. Our products are made from 100% natural materials such as wool & cotton, and use plant-based & madder dyes. Surround yourself with elements from nature to cultivate positive and relaxing vibes in your life!