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We were inspired by the Hittites

The Hittites were an ancient Anatolian (modern-day Turkey) people who formed an empire in 12th century BCE. 

Rugs have been at the center of Hittite life style due to their frequent long distance travels. Typical wool rugs were produced by Anatolian people to support their migratory way of life. Traditionally, nomads lived in portable felt-covered tents called yurts which were ornamented inside with a range of highly decorative and functional rugs, cushions, partitions and storage bags made of wool from their animals.


The Hittite Sun Disc is made of bronze, and was commonly used about 4,250 years ago in religious ceremonies. The circle which forms the perimeter of the disc represents the earth and the sun. The protrusions at the top represent fertility, and the procreation of nature. The birds symbolize fertility and the freedom in nature.  As Hittime Home, we are greatly inspired by these symbols in our products and you will recognize these details in the motiffs or our rugs and cushions.